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There has not been an update in so long!!! The good news is that the Herbs, are going to start rehersing soon so we will be playing in public again. This time there will be a slight change in line up, it will be Slev singing, Anto bass, Jody guitar and keys and jazz freak  Phil Mc Mullen on drums. This time the music will be much more experimental, with a tint of sheer rage. Also look out for Zorro Gallagher (niamhs fav) on keys the odd time! We've had a very drunken and rowdy Christmas and new year, which really come across as no surprise.

Jake "Elwood" Slevin is now almost 6 months old and is a horse of a man! The NWO are coming back and its about time!! The site is going to expand with a couple of different sections over the coming months. All I can say at the moment is NICE GIRL WITH FAT. It'll make much more sense later on.............. Jody and Anto are going back to A-Dam in March, this time stopping off for a few dates in Brussels and Antwerp, a mini tour!! They will be away for Paddys day and will be meeting up with key members of the core in Amsterdam the week later. Keep ya posted...........



Where does time go? Nowhere it just stays around and gets fat. And when ya smile for the camera....I know they're gonna luv ya! In other news,  the Sinister Circus is invading this A-1 prime beef planet named Earth. Who ya gonna call? No-one coz the Esteemed Dr.Rodney is gonna come to you soon (oh believe me!) and Hurrancarana your heads up your  unwiped assholes! DR.RODNEY & THE SINISTER CIRCUS

Baby Jake is 3 months old and giggling chukling baby . Anto recently got mistaken for Giovanni Ribisi (Phoebes brother in friends). The Paparazzi were a bit overzealous towards Anto so  Jody and Slev punched them until there jaw looked badly packed kebebs. (yeah we know....). Owen recently tied the knot . . . . . .  the balloon knot that is.

Owen is recently  residing in a wee county up north (ehhhh noy...have yooo seen mah paytrol bambs??) in Dahneegawl! All is well and the guy has Slevs dream job...he's recieving gainful employment from the local cinema! Guitar player  #51  Sir Marnyard Soden....entering your holiest of holies soon!




Anto and Jody are back rehersing with Margaritaville and hopefully they should be giging by christmas. Anto will also be playing with the Arch Stanton Band supporting Bell X1 in Ennis Thursday week. On a footnote, we apologize for lack of activity once again, with everyone back in collage getting to grips with the new year. They really give it to ya up the ass the first week - in the ass like a fuckin train! Oh yeah Anto left his job and is officially a no talent bum, Jodys mother is sick of him calling over looking for food! Anto would rather  think of it as a sabbatical. Sure anyway we could all be in the trenches next year the way things are going, backed by the full might of the Irish army and all they have to offer ie: the Musket Gun , keep your powder dry boys!


A lot has happened since the last update, with the American attacks and all, but on a good note Slev had a baby boy last month and he called it Jake "Elwood" Slevin (as tribute to the late John Belushi). With this new addition to the Slevin family Jody also becomes a (the) Godfather! And it is Slevs birthday on the 1st of October, funnily enough the same as bass virtuoso Dave Holland, so we are going to get pretty whacked! 

 Meanwhile Jody and Anto went to Amsterdam for a couple of gigs with  the esteemed singer/songwriter Tommy Feeney. All went well and they will be over there playing in the new year.

In other news Slev and Jody have finished recording with Dr. Rodney. All went really well and you will hear the finished product soon.


          Not much news at the moment , Anto and Jody are currently writing and rehearsing with a new band - Margaritaville and every things going well, very well. Jody is playing with his jazz trio every Saturday in Graces pub in Rathmines, very exausting stuff! Slev and Jody are collaborating with one Dr. Rodney and are recording a 6 track E.P. that should be out and about soon, watch this space.


            Sorry the site has not been updated in a while, we have been very busy. But we promise more music and updates from now on.



              Today its Antos birthday and he's ready for a mad night. We are  not playing because of drunken co-ordination issues.