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Oct 1994: A bunch of 15 year olds meet and go see “The

                    Mask” in the cinema and discuss the prospects

                    of starting a band.

Nov 1994: First rehearsal…two songs written (Garden of Eden

                  And PV). Slevs penis takes a stretch.

Apr 1995: First ever demo. Recorded in The Mill Studios

                  Swords. Songs  ‘Bite’ and ‘Encroached.’

July 1995: First gig ever. Played in Charlie's Rock Bar Dublin.

                  Went down well…like your girlfriend.

Sept 1995: Won the Irish finals of the Panasonic Soundblast

                   Awards in The Furnace, Dublin.

Sept 1995: A few more gigs around Dublin.

Oct 1995: Slev gets a welcome birthday present…his penis

                 grows an extra 2 inches.

Oct 1995: The Grand Final of The Panasonic Soundblast award

                  held in the Clapham Grand in London…celebrities

                  ahoy. Slev and Jody get stoned with Stuart Zender

                  and drunk with Terrorvision. (shameless name

                  dropping) Don’t win it but leave our mark. Thrown

                  out of Hotel for pooping in the hairdryer

                   (slev’s bad habit??)  and disturbing the piece by

                   being drunk and swinging from staircases.

Nov 1995: More gigs until Jan 1996. Record company interest.

Feb  1996: Drop Gar Fagan as guitarist. Band split.

Apr 1996: Band reform with Scott Deveraux

               (rich kid) on guitar. Split up 3 weeks later.

Oct 1996: Jody and Slev begin writing a lot of songs and

                 Anto re-joins.

Jan 1997: Breen (Guitar) and Owen (Keys) join up.

                 A lot of rehearsing is done until July 1997.

Jul 1997: First gig with new line up in Eamonn Dorans.

            Gig goes down brilliant to a packed house.

            Band gig in Da Club, Temple Bar Music Centre,

            SFX, Eamonn Dorans and around rural Ireland

            (Kilkenny, Waterford and Belfast) and a showcase

             gig in San Francisco late 1997.

Mar 1998: Record new demo. Renewed record co.

              Interest. Slev penis takes a massive stretch

               at this stage.

              As does the rest of the bands…but not to the same


Apr 1998:  Jan 1999: More gigs. More Demos…same shit

Mar 1999: Band disband (to coin a pun) for the 18th billion

                  Time due to laziness.

Jan 2000: Mark the yank joins band and T.H take a new

                 Direction. At this stage Slev could be mistaken

                 For a donkey in the genital dept.

Jan 2000 to Aug 2000:  Band gig around Ireland and London

                with bright new jazz/ circus sound.             

Aug 2000:  Mark heads back home to America

Feb 2001: We decided to gig with no guitarist for the moment.

                But if one came along it would not be a bad thing!