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  Funkyside is one of the bands           Max the dog is a bit             
cheesy commercial songs......              stranger, written by Jody and Slev 
                                                when they were just 16 years old. 

     Funkyside.mp3 (1,187KB)             maxthedog.mp3 (3,174KB)


Love Medley was written by Jody for his ex-girlfriend few years ago. It really proves how soppy a man can get , it's quite sad really. Nice song though.

     Love medley.mp3 (3,779KB)


The Ruff Corner

The Ruff Corner is all the badly recorded demos and maddness we tought you all should hear...............


How ruff was it last time Slevvy dragged his mickey through the nettels? 

Click here to find out.


This is are most famous and renowned song of ours. Our anthem if you will. Inspired by a kodiac bears quest for a jelly doughnut. This badly recorded  version is a work of pure fiction. Dont take it to heart, kids.  

    Jelly Doughnut.mp3