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Known to his friends as Slev or King Dingaling,

   Slev fronts Tribal Herb to the best of his ability.

   Emulating Mike Patton, Tom Jones, Dean Martin,

   Triple H and Barney the dinosaur, Slev prowls

   the musical web like a deranged sociopath with

   something to prove.

   Influenced by Mr.Bungle, Fantomas,  Leonard

   Cohen and his beloved Everton FC…

   His vices are Budweiser, Nintendo 64, Looney

   Tunes cartoons,his floopy haircuts and pooing

   In public places and taking a photo of the

   poo !

   His enormous genetalia is well documented to

   the people who know him best and is known

   from time to time to crotch chop while pulling

   down his trousers and asking old little dears

   to take it anally.